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With the advent of the era of cloud, big data is also attracting more and more attention. He said the huge amount of data or large data, referring to the amount of data involved are too great to pass through the current mainstream software tools, within a reasonable time to reach the capture, management, process, and organize to help companies become IT business decisions. Big data has been hailed as steam, electricity, petroleum comparable to the next generation of important natural resources. It was based on the data, as the large company's future competitive advantage, it will change the corporate decision-making, value creation and value realization ways. The main scientific and technological innovation in the world sports giant Nike will no doubt see this trend, and in the new sports products such as bracelet extensive use of big data as a product support services. . "If only the new nike + seen as an upgrade product performance sports shoes, it greatly underestimated the nike + value" Nike Greater China public relations director HuangXiangYan said: "nike + core value lies in the build up huge online communities, its most important function is to huaraches, For example, when your running status updates to nike + account where friends can comment and click on a 'clapping' button, so you can be in the running when it was in the music pleasant to the ear to the applause of friends, as well as in the final sprint particular sound for you to help out. "With runners continue to upload their own running routes, Nike has mastered the major cities in the best running routes database. Currently, there are many social applications market segments, such as: Social + recruitment, social + e-commerce, social + interest, share movement means sharing data privacy, nike + is open social applications and market segments. From a marketing perspective, this is a big data belongs to the category of marketing, Nike does not want consumers to throw away a pair of shoes to wear finish, it aims to build a more solid and consumer relationships, not only want to use their own target groups products, but also hope to get feedback and improve added value. But we should also see widespread advance with big data, big data analytics to reduce costs, simplify deployment difficulty, increase the speed of analysis become more and more the direction of enterprise primary concern. Do not think only the Chinese people would buy counterfeit products.huaraches outlet, Studies have shown that the British love of the extent of counterfeit products is also not low. A few years ago, the British government launched a war against counterfeit products behavior in all counterfeit goods were confiscated, the Lipton tea fakes rate of 67%, the proportion of fake Adidas and Nike sports apparel were 27% and 26% . Fakes flooded the market in the UK, out of hand. British goods counterfeiting is serious, it is an indisputable fact. There have been reports that the British fashion designer involving counterfeit goods, drugs, motorcycle parts, computer software and other products. British counterfeiters are increasingly rampant, and actually began to move people's "food basket" march. British Standards Agency trade in a market survey found that in some large supermarkets sell meat water signs are everywhere. Hugo network in this introduction Arwa Mahdawi British "Guardian" authored articles talking about counterfeit products: a research and consulting firm PricewaterhouseCooper recently disclosed results show that more than half of Britons bought fakes. Capital London is most rampant acts of trafficking in counterfeit goods, while Scotland fakes least. A few years ago, only the occasional fake, but now flooded. Counterfeit goods is becoming habitual choice for consumers when shopping. Another report reveals CutPricewaterhouseCoopers advisory body said last month that 75 percent of Britons would fake out as new authentic licensed. 90% of people think that buying a fake is wrong behavior, but has said that many people will buy fakes, because the price of the real thing people can not afford. This year, luxury brands among the "UK's coolest brand" list of the top, while in previous years, cheap household brand ranks. Economic reasons are not the only cause people to buy fake, fake is a byproduct of pop culture trends. Login "Spotify" (PS: That sound Happening, media music one of the world's largest software and services flow), it is to get more than a CD of music to enjoy and experience. Also, buy a fake famous designer handbags, but also to get the brand that was assigned to a unique value. In some cases,huaraches UK, counterfeiters actually become innovators. For example, in China, "cottage" popular culture, and even counterfeiters through improved "cottage products" to solve the problem of consumers in the use of genuine licensed encountered. Years ago, many Chinese people for certain products ranging from mobile phones and Apple Tablet PC Apple (iPhone and iPad) between really looking forward to, and soon, the cottage manufacturers to launch a large-sized iPhone. A year later, Apple has introduced iPad mini. Yes, 90% of people think that to buy fake is wrong. On ethics, buying fakes is really a wrong thing it? In a way, indeed. The EU estimates that counterfeit products so that the British economy lost £ 30 million, and the loss of 14,800 jobs. Meanwhile, those brands were fake also deeply felt the resulting pain. Anti-counterfeiting group who Mark James said: "Ultimately, these companies were fake watched their brand, reputation and revenue are constantly being stolen and eroded." However, when the fake is gravely crown in the "-" in the name of our country was some "ground gas," the politicians who dominated, they do not even know how much a loaf of bread, a bottle of buttermilk asking geometry. Fake reason is accepted, partly because, in the authentic, the price of luxury few people can assume a society where people are enthusiastic counterfeit products. However, this does not mean that counterfeiters are contemporary Robin Hood Robin Hood took from the rich to the luxury hand and gave to the poor. In some cases, even a counterfeiter behavior - behavior. For example, counterfeit prescription drugs are the reasons leading to thousands of deaths; in 2004, counterfeit baby formula led to the death of dozens of Chinese children. However, the purchase of counterfeit drugs and the purchase of counterfeit clothing are two different things. Because you can not put on a pair of fake "UGG" brand boots on the death of. This shoe uppers with innovative materials, both flexibility and performance advantages Nike Free series of enhancements Natural Motion wearing feel. Shoe height is moderate, with the best supportive. Mesh uppers with polyurethane as a strong support, zonal linear design, can freely shrink with changes in the upper area of ​​the force, giving strong support resistance, while maintaining the flexibility of shoes, light and breathable Features. ? Nike Trainer footwear designer Laura Paret (Laura Parrett) said: "Nike Free Trainer 3.0 Mid Shield uses a" less is more "design concept from start to finish every part of the shoe can vary enough. Ministry of ease movement without compromising the strength and durability of the shoe. "As the use of Phylon midsole material,huaraches sale, light and responsive. Nike Free shoes belong to the flexibility which graded 3.0 level. Provided to the wearer more flexibility in the multi-directional movement when, and to ensure stick together between the foot and the ground sense, given training barefoot-like experience. High-type upper design provides support for the ankle, but not to limit its movement. Shoes collar and tongue at preventing rupture durable nylon and can keep feet dry and breathable. Nike Free Trainer 3.0 Mid Shield other advantages as follows: the upper cage like a vamp made very flexible synthetic material, feel comfortable. Its structure flexible, with the foot to move freely. Three-quarters of jagged lined elastic fiber material to sock-like fit feeling wrapped feet. Urethane elastic fiber material layer is located between the inner liner to form a waterproof layer. Laces and soles fixed structure in line with dynamic fit design philosophy of providing glove-like fit feeling. Reflective printed patterns and other additional element in low light conditions is still clearly visible low-lying Phylon midsole with excellent resilience, while very solid alternative for low-wear areas outsole, thereby significantly reducing the weight of the shoe body. The wrap-around design sidewall heel and midfoot support, help athletes maintain the stability of the foot during lateral movement and diagonal direction. Heel and forefoot outsole with a triangular pattern of hard rubber nodes on different ground can reflect excellent grip and durability. DiamondFLX designed to enhance the flexibility of multi-directional movement, providing a lightweight, low-lying fit feeling. From heel to toe, extending from the middle to the sides of deep flex grooves enhance flexibility. In the 2013 APEC leaders' summit held recently, the leaders on the core issue of economic and trade cooperation between Asia-Pacific countries and other discussions and consultations. Outsiders media reports, the difference between the production strategy of US sports apparel manufacturer Nike and New Balance the two companies to further highlight the plight of the United States and other Asia-Pacific countries in terms of foreign trade faced. Early in the 1960s the United States started the sneakers for high tariffs on imports imposed policies. All along, the world's second largest after China's sports shoe producer in Vietnam has been plagued by the above-mentioned policy of the US, the Vietnamese domestic practitioners, says the average US tax rate for Vietnamese exports to the US athletic footwear taxed up to 10% , while in some cases the figure will be higher. Policy of the American government to impose high tariffs on imported sneakers to some extent, help the development of similar national industry, and sneakers for producing such labor-intensive industries are mainly distributed in China, Bangladesh and Vietnam and other developing countries. In response to high US tariffs, Vietnam announced the cooperation with Nike. Nike in Vietnam set up its largest production center, more than 30 million Nike shoes and other goods for the production of sports in Vietnam. Nike said the US policy of high tariffs make American consumers have to spend a higher price to buy Nike products, company spokesman Greg Rohit (Greg Rossiter) in an interview with reporters, said: "Now the question is why American businesses and consumers have to face the problem of high prices due to high tariffs, "another US sportswear manufacturer Xinbai? - Division with Nike's exactly the opposite, it always will be part of the production in the United States, the company Maine and Massachusetts have five factories and 1,350 employees. New Balance said the US government makes it possible to maintain high tariffs superior production jobs in the United States, and New Balance will also be part of the vast majority of footwear production in Indonesia and China. New Article - Division spokesman Matt Brayton (Matt LeBretton) said that the Vietnamese capacity in the production of sports shoes has surpassed any other country. Breton said: "The United States of sneakers high tariffs actually did not have much impact on Vietnam, but high tariff policy has a part to help us withstand competitive pressure from abroad in the United States." Nike's fiscal year on camp received more than 24 billion US dollars, this is the new one hundred - Division revenue 10-fold. US Trade Representative Michael Froman (Michael Froman) local time on the 4th that he visited in July this year, the New Balance factory located in Maine, Frohman told reporters said: "We very much hope to finalize the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement can be New Balance to further enhance domestic production in the United States, and create more employment opportunities in other countries and markets. "On the other hand, Frohman also recognized the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement negotiations requires the participation of 12 countries in the Asia-Pacific region, in order to finally reach consistency is not easy. Maine Republican Senator Susan Collins (Susan Collins) in an e-mail reply to a reporter wrote: "Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement should clearly for sports shoes how much tariffs should be imposed only enough to ensure that the US domestic employment unaffected. Similar companies such as New Balance has always wanted to know what they can get opportunities and benefits from the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement. "In July, there are 15 Democratic senators joint proposal should reduce the movement to Frohman footwear levied high tariffs. Nike recently officially announced that it will hold a new conference on the theme "digital world and the fitness future" 15th of this month. According to speculation, Nike is likely to be launched in the second generation of this conference Fuelband bracelet. The first generation of Nike + FuelBand on the market in February 2012, initially only the black one option, priced at $ 149 (about 900 yuan). Later, Nike has launched a transparent gray and white transparent two versions. According to reliable sources, it said the Nike Fuelband 2 design and UI has not changed much, it will use the new material to build, more durable and able to adapt to more severe wear environments. Meanwhile Fuelband 2 will have better battery life and will support low-power Bluetooth. Prior to widespread Fuelband 2 will support the heart rate monitor function argument is still not sure. There is also no Fuelband 2 will be compatible with accurate information whether outgoing Android system, but Android system users still have great hopes for this design concept athletes from Nike signed personal experience, Nike Golf Global Research Center The Oven engineering team According to these professional players feedback, the use of high-tech polymer, filled into No. 4-6 concave back in the long irons. Effectiveness: an instant hit with the traditional knife that can feel like the ultimate formula crisp hitting feel and sound, while both fault tolerance and faster ball speed and long irons. 7-PW irons semi-knife design, aiming the ball full visual approximation knife. Tony Dabbs Nike Golf, global product director, said: "We hope that when the tournament signing players use long irons can be pulled from the flight pitch and make the difference more obvious; we use high-tech polymer to create a hardcore group tournament level, including easy pilling long irons, and still retain good look, feel and sound batting. "VR Forged Pro Combo irons forged using the latest generation of high-density X3X groove technology to produce the best ball spin. In recent years, Nike's products form a more simplistic, science and technology component comprises more color has become increasingly rich, especially shoes. This situation exists not only in Nike, it's the same old rival Adidas. To some extent, this is an adjustment for sports brand impact of fast fashion, simple design can reduce production difficulty, shorten production cycle means that the supply chain more responsive. Nike even know how much of your monthly income, spending habits are what, a month into a few stores, several shopping street, "Through these market research segments, we will channel product inventory, there is a more detailed of the control, so that a more suitable products to enter the market needs it. "HuangXiangYan said.According to Zhang, this year, local sports brand from past big wholesale model to a retail terminal in the retail end-user experience, improve operational efficiency aspects of retail has yielded results. Anta, for example, it has two consecutive quarters of robust growth in orders. Thanks to the adjustment in the order cycle, "Anta is year two seasons before ordering new product launch speed is very slow, and now are used in small quantities, in addition to large orders, as well as small orders year, you can fill orders for replenishment. "Last December, Li Ning Company announced that it would spend 14-18 million for the sales channel integration, repurchase dealer inventory liquidation. At the same time, it also closed a number of inefficient stores, opened by the group Direct or cooperation with several large distributors and efficient shop. "It can be expected, if the business continued to maintain momentum to the stock in the next couple of years, which will greatly reduce the pressure on the stock." Investment Advisor in the light industry researcher said Zhu Qing Hua. In the retail terminal, Nike made the adjustment and reconstruction Guide to Beijing, for example, try the Nike factory store outlets in addition to, alteration of finished class experience store. Currently, Nike has opened in Beijing's Zhongguancun, Sanlitun, three category Cuiwei store experience. Located in Sanlitun store experience running category, in addition to furnishing and running-related products, but also can see more about the running experience of the block. And here's the clerk was asked to be able to run a marathon. "We're not hiring professionals marathon, but the general staff recruitment, training them to be, so they have to run a marathon level. Thus, they recommend that each person can go to the different needs from the consumer's point of view. This is the category Experience the true meaning of the shop, 'to motivate runners by runners'. "The next category Nike store experience is the shop trend, HuangXiangYan expressed. "Currently, sporting goods consumption, more products are consumer spending, is not to exercise, but everyday casual wear, but this part of it vulnerable to fast fashion products, substitutability relatively strong, but the foundation class sports products relative substitutability will be much weaker, because he has a functional, but also has a certain cultural background. "Zhang said that the current Chinese sports market surplus is not a true sense of sporting goods are those with low added value, easy to imitate, leisure products with a campaign-style. Adidas spokesman said the 2012 London Olympics and the European Football Championship to a large extent promote the sportswear brand's sales, but this year, because there is no big sporting events, coupled with weakness in the European economy, resulting in poor sales. The article says that Nike is gradually occupied the market share in Europe. The first three quarters, Nike's sales in Europe increased by 7.2%, while Adidas fell 4.4%. Over the same period, Puma's sales in Europe, Middle East and Africa fell by 5.3%.Nike spokesman noted that they lower marketing spend in the European market because they do not have ads and inject major sports sponsorship in events too much money. The Puma spokesman admitted: "Our current sales are in trouble, consumers have little interest in Puma brand." At the same time, Adidas hopes the World Cup next year in Brazil, held in summer to stimulate sales Adidas.Statistics Oxford and iBM released earlier this year showed that 28 percent of global companies have begun large data practices. In China, a quarter of the companies are also actively involved in large data services, China has become the most representative of big data market practice.